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reggiseno aggiustato

Italian singer/songwriter in the UK

“15 Again is my way of reclaiming the beauty of being vulnerable against the pressure we face to excel at every single thing we do”- Sara

Sara De Sanctis was born in Teramo, Italy, in 1995. After studying for more than ten years, she achieved a Piano Diploma at the Luisa D’Annunzio Conservatoire in Pescara in 2014. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in translation in 2017, she continued her musical studies at the University of Bristol, UK, at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, USA, and acquired a Music Bachelor’s Degree in 2020. She became interested in singing, composition and songwriting from an early age, but she only started releasing her songs in 2021. Her first single ‘Serendipity’ was featured by BBC radio and as a national finalist in the Italian competition Sanremo Rock & Trend. Her second single ’15 again’, which will be soon released, won the press prize at the Italian Competition ‘Il Cantagiro’. At the moment she is working on her next releases with the producer Jacob Bright and attending a conducting course at the London Conducting Academy, led by Denise Ham. Inspired by artists such as Aurora, Diana Krall, and Thom Yorke, her style can be defined as a mix of pop and jazz and is characterised by soft vocals, evocative piano melodies and airy synths.


Realese Date : 1 April 2022


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